ARMC First in Region to Offer High-Tech Knee Replacement Surgery


Athens, Tenn. - The latest surgical technique to improve the lives of people suffering from crippling arthritis or injury of the knees is now available at Athens Regional.  Robotic-assisted knee replacement is performed by relatively few surgeons in the United States.  Among these select few surgeons is Dr. David Robins, an active member of the hospital's medical staff, enabling the hospital to be the first in southeast Tennessee to offer this high-tech surgery.

Dr. Robins received extensive instruction on the technology, and ARMC purchased the necessary equipment to enable the surgery to be done here.  The surgery is less invasive and far more accurate than traditional knee replacement surgery, and recovery is much quicker.  The key is in the navigation system, which allows the surgeon to measure more precisely before cutting, with the use of highly sensitive equipment feeding this information to a "passive robot."  It is called passive because ultimately the surgeon is always in control of the equipment.

Dr. Robins is located in the Athens Medical Mall, Suite 104.  For further information call (423) 746-2445.

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