Jayden Thomason makes New Year’s Day debut

January 4, 2017

Courtesy: Greg Moses, The Daily Post Athenian

Megan Vann and Ryan Thomason welcomed more than just another New Year on Sunday. The Decatur couple also introduced the world to their new son, Jayden Dale Bryant Thomason, the first child born at Starr Regional Medical Center in 2017.

“He actually wasn’t due until the 17th,” Vann said, “but he decided to come early.”

“That was probably a good thing,” Thomason added. “I usually work on weekends, but I got off work on New Year’s Eve at 6 p.m., then got home and, not long after, she went into labor. So, I didn’t get the call and have to rush in from work. The timing was actually pretty perfect.”

Less than 24 hours after his father started home to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Jayden’s par­ents were celebrating the birth of their third son, who was born at 5:08 p.m. on New Year’s Day. While he arrived more than two weeks early, his parents both said he was quite healthy at 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and measuring 20 inches in length.

While the couple selected Jayden’s first name, his two middle names were passed down to him from family members.

“Dale is Megan’s father’s middle name, and Bryant was the middle name of my oldest brother, who passed away,” Thomason said.

Jayden is the couple’s third child to be born at Starr Regional Medical Center in Athens.

“Our boys, Bentley (age 4) and Jordan (age 2), were born here in 2012 and 2014. It would have been one every two years if Jayden had been born in 2016 – if he’d come a day earlier, he would have been,” Thomason said. “Now, we’ve got three boys – we wanted to have a girl in the mix, but after three tries, I think we’re done. We’ve got our hands full.”

“Jayden better be ready,” Megan added, with a smile. “He’s got two big brothers at home who are ready to play with him.”

Jayden also has some toys to play with, which were given along with some other gifts in a basket presented to his parents by Starr Regional Medical Center. He was also given a special quilt made by members of the Heritage Quilt Guild.