Couple meets and marries at SRHR

May 18, 2018

It's never too late to find love - Crystal and Ted White are living proof.

The duo met at Starr Regional Health & Rehabilitation Center in Etowah, where they are both residents, and after dating for a year, they decided to get married.

According to Director of Nursing at Starr Regional Health & Rehabilitation Center Amanda Clark, "I've been in the nursing home for 22 years, and I've never had anybody get married before. Nobody here has. It was a big deal. A lot of the staff and managers came in and helped make it a special day. They actually got married here in this courtyard, because that's where they met."

They tied the knot on April 14.

Ted was already a resident when Crystal moved in. He's from Tellico Plains, and she's from Chattanooga.

"I got to know him little by little, kinda seeing each other. We weren't really serious about anything until probably last year, and then it started coming more serious. Then he asked me to marry him and I said no," she said.

After that, Ted had a cancer scare. Crystal said it frightened her, and she realized she needed to say yes no matter what the consequences were.

"When he found out he did not have cancer, it was a relief to me. But at the same time - I really did want to get married to him," she said.

Ted discussed the beauty of marriage.

"I can look after her and she can look after me," he said.

Crystal added, "That's what marriage is all about. He looks after me, and I look after him. I'm very happy with him, and he seems to be very happy with me."

"I am. I tell you I am," said Ted.

Both of them had been married before and their spouses passed away years before they came to Starr.

"I was afraid to get married again, but after I met him I knew I needed to do that," said Crystal.

"I stayed by myself for about 20 to 25 years until I met her - and she's the one," he said. "I couldn't have gotten a better one."

Ted explained how to know if you've found "the one."

"You'll have love in your heart for that person, and he or she will have it for you. Y'all will work it out - shouldn't be no problems," said Ted. "If it ain't teamwork, it ain't gonna pull."

Courtesy Ashley Copeland, Daily Post Athenain