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Making Your Heart Health a Priority

Chest Pain Awareness

Never overlook chest pain or discomfort. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and why you should seek immediate care if you are experiencing chest pain. 

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Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs serve patients who have had a heart attack, heart surgery, other forms of cardiovascular disease or lung disease. Learn more about the benefits of these programs.

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Cardiac Cath Lab Project

We are excited to offer cardiac catheterization care on our Athens campus beginning Spring 2023. Learn more about our cardiac cath lab project and how we're expanding cardiac services.

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Accredited Chest Pain Center logoTake Action

If you feel shortness of breath with physical exertion or are having trouble controlling your blood pressure with medications, inform your primary care provider. He or she may refer you to a cardiologist.

Never overlook chest pain or discomfort. If you or a loved one notice signs of a heart attack, call 9-1-1 immediately and seek emergency care.

Starr Regional Medical Center's Emergency Departments in Athens and Etowah are accredited Chest Pain Centers. Our facilities emphasize the importance of standardized diagnostic and treatment programs that provide more efficient and effective evaluation as well as more appropriate and rapid treatment of patients with chest pain and other heart attack symptoms.  

Remember: seconds can save lives.

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Recognize the Symptoms 

Two of the most common life-threatening emergencies are heart attacks and strokes. Timely treatment is crucial!

Heart attack symptoms

Signs of a Stroke