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Telehealth Services

Coming Soon: Teleintensivist Care

Our teleintensivist program will provide access to the best possible critical care closer to home for patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Patients with complex situations will no longer require transfer to a regional facility, far from family and friends, to receive the expert care they need. Teleintensivists assess patients and create an individualized care plan that is communicated via video conferencing to, and carried out by, the onsite team of clinical staff. Tele-intensivists work alongside care team members around the clock to monitor patients and support critical care services. Medical studies* of teleintensivist care have proven patients who receive these services have better outcomes, including shorter hospital stays, reduced use of mechanical ventilation and lower risk of death.

*National Library of Medicine: Association of health information technology and teleintensivist coverage with decreased mortality and ventilator use in critically ill patients

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